Graduate Motion Graphics → Fall 2018 GD 5569 → 3 Studio Credits

Project 1: Defining a Genre


  • Sep 12 - Project Assigned
  • Sep 19 - Arrive to class with chosen genres and a completed storyboard.
  • Sep 26 - Arrive with rough motion graphics to share for critique
  • Oct 3 - Arrive with final motion graphics to present.


In this project, you will create a short video that compares two genres of music using motion graphics. You can use any means you'd like to accomplish this, be it typography, recorded voiceover, video clips or illustration, but the final piece should have backing music tracks representative of each genre. In analyzing your genres, ask yourself: are they like go-go, where every song shares the same specific beat? Or like Zydeco, with a destinctive accordion? Is it like Seapunk or Vaporwave and defined as much by a visual aesthetic as sound? Is it like many of the subgenres of Punk, House or Trap tied to a specific city? Is it like Pop, defined by its lack of formal definition? Who are the defining artists of your genres?

Your final piece should be 10-30 seconds long. Since videos are so often consumed on social media, consider the relationship between the end of the video and the beginning. Does it fade out? does it loop seamlessly? Is it landscape, square or vertical in orientation? Consider how your visuals can immerse your audience in the respective worlds of those genres for the short duration of the video and how the visuals react to the musical tracks behind them.